“Think Outside the Pipes” Radio Initiative & Defining the Future of Water Management

08 Aug 2013, Posted by admin0 in Blog

Recently six public radio stations were awarded $3,000 grants to produce stories that bring to light often ignored public policy issues of water quality, the need to manage water through ecofriendly infrastructure and the resulting impact of current policies on their local areas. The “Think Outside the Pipes” Public Radio Local Reporting Initiative is a result of  the Park Foundation and an interactive documentary called Water Blues Green Solutions – a Penn State Public Media public service project. The public radio stations that received grants were: WGTE Public Media (Toledo, Ohio), NET Foundation for Radio (Lincoln, Nebraska), WMMT-FM (Whitesburg, Kentucky), New Hampshire Public Radio (Concord, New Hampshire), The Allegheny Front (Pittsburgh, PA), and Utah Public Radio (Logan, Utah). The Park Foundation, which provided the grants, is dedicated to offering endowments and scholarships that increases public awareness of pressing environmental issues.

At Bright ‘n Green we believe that natural, clean, sustainable water and conservation practices should be the standard.

Bright ‘n Green’s water is filtered through two carbon 3M™ Iron Reduction Filtration System 150 tanks which back flush each night assuring that each day all of the water used for domestic purposes is filtered removing existing suspended solids and chlorine. Each unit further purifies drinking water through reverse osmosis filters installed in every kitchen assuring completely contaminant-free water, superior to any bottled water in existence.


Using Solar Heat Exchange, we never have to worry about not having hot water. We avoid excessive runoff through storm water re-use for non-potable water and to aid in managing Air Quality Control. We capture and recycle our water within our River and Pond landscaping features, and have over a months supply always on hand – 5,000 gallon capacity in tanks.


We’re looking forward to following the reporting generated from the “Think Outside the Pipes” Initiative.

It’s interesting that all of the stations outside of New Hampshire are in Fracking states.  Also, cities known for record breaking industrial pollution due to the decades of heavy manufacturing and lack regulation. Prior to construction on the Bright ‘n Green flagship project, located in Brooklyn, New York, the site was remediated of all contaminants. And since being New Yorkers we’re every day exposed to gaseous pollutants and particulates that can not only seriously effect your health but your general feeling of well being, the indoor air at Bright ‘n Green is dehumidified, scrubbed, ionized and cleared of contaminants around the clock to maintain fresh air delivery 24/7. But that’s for another blog …

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  • Chris B.

    Why is it that we must always be reactive and never proactive? The lack of foresight exercised today and since we’ve moved to extreme overuse and contamination of resources is appalling.

    I hope people will utilize the BnG project and the radio initiative for the fantastic teaching tools that they are. It’s up to everyone to make a positive change. We seriously cannot keep f-in up our water supply … it’s that simple.


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