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Passive House Advisor Tomas O’Leary, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Passive House Academy, leader in the Passive House movement in Brooklyn, and Vice President at Living Building Institute visits ‪Bright ‘n Green‬. In his on-site interview he gives an overview of the benefits to the buyer, community and the environment.
Tomas O’Leary describes Bright ‘n Green as an “opinion leader”, “mind changer” and that this “beacon project” can be considered an “urban revolution” in building.
Passive House Academy

Exterior Wall Consultant
The OceanSafe SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) consists of three types, utilizing various skins with polystyrene or polyurethane cores (EPS), assembled with a patented snap-together system. These panels are used for external, load-bearing walls as well as the roof system to create an entire building envelope that is impervious to the destructive forces of nature. Cost-Efficient and Durable they are a Green Solution for Homeowners, Builders, and Developers.
Oceansafe, High Performance Green Building

Landscape Consultant
CeCe Haydock is a LEED accredited, New York state licensed landscape architect, a national and chapter member of the US Green Building Council, and a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. Her practice focuses on site planning and design and consultation for sustainable design, adaptive re-use, and projects seeking LEED certification.
She describes Bright ‘n Green as a “Green Beacon” in Brooklyn.
Haydock Landscape Architecture

Solar Plumbing Design Director of Brooklyn-based company, Solar Plumbing Design, Jessica Baldwin is NABCEP certified with 12 years of plumbing experience and has installed several SHW systems each unique to its site-specific demands. SPD has a special interest in urban sustainability and therefore in building-integrated solar thermal systems.
Baldwin says Bright ‘n Green, “in its advance technologies it is actually bringing luxury living back to nature”. And that Bright ‘n Green “extends the cultural context of where green buildings can fit in”.
Solar Plumbing Design

Environmental Consultant Scott Yanuck, Hydrologist, Geologist and President of Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd., discusses working with the NYC Office of Environmental Mediation and subcontractors on Bright ‘n Green to identify environmental issues and more.
He says, “Bright ‘n Green can help change the attitude of what we think buildings are in the city … it’s a beginning of what’s coming”.
Laurel Environmental Associates, Ltd.

LEED Consultant Bright ‘n Green’s LEED Consultant Jeremy Stand, of Stand Development & Consulting, speaks on Bright ‘n Green. Stand says, “Bright ‘n Green is an important step in our ongoing evolution in what it means to be an urbanite” and that it will show “how good urban living can be”.
Stand Development & Consulting

General Contractor Pat Fitzpatrick, owner of M Square Builders – Bright ‘n Green’s general contractor, speaks on the project. Fitzpatrick details the SIP panels instillation and the various heat maintaining, sound proofing benefits of the insulation and windows.
M Square Builders

Construction Coordinator M Square Builders has been working in the Metropolitan New York City area since 1990. Mr. Schirrmeister worked in managing the team that installed Bright ‘n Green’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and windows, as well as working within the parameters of the sustainable initiative Bright ‘n Green adheres to.
M Square Builders

Technical Assistance Provider New York Registered Professional Engineer, HBDP, LEED AP, of ads ENGINEERS on the financial incentives of systems in use at Bright ‘n Green. Roberts says Bright ‘n Green is, “The most aggressive building in New York City […] in terms of sustainable features”, and that her energy model showed over 40{7330b322b9b7d58bddbbaef66cde22ad1f12db8c79c6d80901517aa2b253a342} savings.

Engineering Consultant Engineer of TSF Engineering, George Skandalakis has worked on over 100 buildings within Brooklyn. He says, “Bright ‘n Green is their first project with this design implemented utilizing lower tonnages and capacities than those that are allowed to us because of the envelope system”. He discusses how this reduces consumption in all ways, including using systems that would not typically be applicable to a building of this size.
TSF Engineering

Ultimate Air ERV installer Ultimate Air manufactures the highest performing Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Units. Jason Morosko, their ERV installer, discusses Bright ‘n Green and the importance of optimizing Indoor Air Quality and providing fresh air ventilation.
Ultimate Air

Geothermal HVAC Installation Alex Turbin explains the Geothermal-Based Heating and Air Conditioning System installed at Bright ‘n Green and explains the benefits of Geothermal heating and cooling over the standard, expensive, energy exhausting HVAC Systems mostly utilized today. Efficient, yet higher performing, the Geothermal-Based Heating and Air Conditioning System uses the ground temperature to maintain the indoor climate within Bright ‘n Green.

General Contractor Paddy O’Halloran General Contractor at M Square Builders LLC has been in business since 2010. He discusses installing the Structurally Insulated Panels. He says, “Bright ‘n Green is the first of its kind in the country”, and “unless energy starts be free, this [the green industry] is only going to grow”.

Solar Energy System Design Anthony Wolbert licensed solar contractor of Suffolk Solar Systems, Inc. which sells, designs and installs solar systems on Bright ‘n Green
Suffolk Solar Systems, Inc.

Structural Consultants Alexandru Marin, Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY), and Structural Engineer Cristian Vimer on Bright ‘n Green.
Vimer says, “the building is instead of becoming a consumer it becomes a producer of energy”. Marin says it is “setting a precedent” and a part of a “cultural change”.
Marin Consulting Engineer PLLC

Liquid Desiccant Air Consultants BJ Elliott & Tom Polansky of Intelligent Power & Air Solutions (IPAS) on Bright ‘n Green’s Advantix Liquid Desiccant Air Quality Control system. Elliott says, “as this systems stands, this is one of the most efficient systems available on the market” and that Bright ‘n Green is “the most efficient building” IPAS has ever worked in.
IPAS is a veteran-owned small business with over 75 years of combined experience providing solutions to the public and private sector.
Intelligent Power & Air Solutions

Systems Consultant

Gennaro Brooks-Church, Director of Green Design/Build Firm Eco Brooklyn Inc on systems utilized at Bright ‘n Green in Brighton Beach Brooklyn.

Eco Brooklyn Inc

Foundation Engineering Consultant Foundation Engineer Anthony Gennaro on Bright ‘n Green and its foundation’s storm resiliency.

Environmental Accreditation Researcher Rachel discusses how the sourcing and systems used in Bright ‘n Green make it unlike any other project and how these choices relate to current environmental issues.

Recycled Flooring Supplier Tim Keating discusses Bright ‘n Green’s recycled oak flooring supplied by Earthbilt LLC. Tim talks about the character of reclaimed wood and his experience working on Bright ‘n Green – the first Living Building Challenge project in NYC.
Earthbilt LLC

Solar Panel Installation Solar Consultant Robert Wylie Hyde of Analemma Solar Corp. on Bright ‘n Green’s solar energy.
Analemma Solar Corp.

Security Consultant CEO at American Security Systems Larry Dolin on Bright ‘n Green’s efficient and state-of-the-art security system.
American Security Systems

HVAC Contractor Joe Grosseto Jr., Vice President of Dynamic Sheet Metal Ltd discusses being part of the HVAC team at Bright ‘n Green, fabricating all of the sheet metal duct work throughout the building. He explains the benefits of the ERV system to the indoor air quality and the financial benefit of the efficiency of Bright ‘n Green.

HVAC Contractor Joe Grosseto Sr. of Dynamic Sheet Metal Ltd on being part of the HVAC team at Bright ‘n Green. He says the greatest benefits of the HVAC system at Bright ‘n Green are cost effectiveness, cleanliness and leaving a small carbon footprint.

Air Sealing Consultant Floris Keverling Buisman, CEO / Technical Director, CPHC, LEED AP of 475 High Performance Building Supply (475) discusses the air tightness of Bright ‘n Green in regards to Passive House, its coastal site placement and its use of Steel Insulated Panels (SIPs), saying that Bright ‘n Green achieves an envelop seal above and beyond the requirements of Passive House.
475 High Performance Building Supply

Structural Steel Fabricator Frank Lofaso of AGL Industries, Inc., in business since 1980, was a Structural Steel Fabricator at Bright ‘n Green. He talks about Bright ‘n Green’s structural soundness.

Blower Door Technician Robbie Hothan explains what a Blower Door Test is and why its ensuring air tightness in a building is important to tenants.

Air Sealing Consultant Peter Marciano discusses the difference of Passive House air sealing design to normal construction. He highlights the apparent features in Bright ‘n Green due to its level of insulated, air tight design and says Bright ‘n Green will “change the way we build buildings and deal with comfort, durability and energy.”

Passive House Trainee Cristian Salas discusses the benefits of air tight passive house design and how you can feel the quality difference within Bright ‘n Green.