Bright ‘n Green – ‘Walker’s Paradise’, ‘Excellent Transit’ & ‘Very Bikeable’ from Walk Score

Bright ‘n Green – ‘Walker’s Paradise’, ‘Excellent Transit’ & ‘Very Bikeable’ from Walk Score

26 Jan 2015, Posted by admin0 in Awards & Certifications, Press

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We didn’t learn anything we didn’t already know – the site of Bright ‘n Green was selected for multiple reasons, including: access to fresh markets, parks, beach and public transportation – but thanks to Walk Score, we can share it to you all nice and graph-like (you may already know how much we love charts and data!).

walk score intro
walk score
walk score walk map
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walk score transit
walk score bike map
walk score car map

Pretty cool, huh!?! Check out your abode’s walk score here, and share ours with friends below.

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