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30 May 2014, Posted by admin0 in Blog, Press

By Lauren Singer of Trash is For Tossers

If I could choose how to build an apartment in NYC, I would want to build Bright’n Green. Okay, let’s be real here, I wouldn’t be able to fathom a teensie portion of what architect Robert Scarano developed for this building… but regardless, it’s amazing.

Net Zero Energy, check.
Passive and on site renewable energy, check.
Designed for Leed Platinum, check.
Water reuse from over 50,000 gallons of rainwater for flushing toilets and watering plants, check.
Vermicomposing your poop, check.
Closed Loop Geothermal AC & Heating, check.
Fresh air purification system, yep.
No VOC paint, mmhmmm.
Smart phone, real time status of the building, yah!
No energy bills. WAHOO!
Survived Sandy and provided power to local residents, you betcha!

The list goes on, and on, and on. This place is AMAZING. I wanted to move in immediately.

When I stepped into the units they had such a clean, industrial, but warm vibe. The floors are made using upcycled crates, the bathroom sink and kitchen countertop are made in Brooklyn and contain bits of recycled glass and shell, there is a ton of light, a gas free stove (yay to no fracking), I mean, guys, this place is insane, trust me. If I had more than 30 dollars saved up, i’d probably invest in a unit (here’s to dreaming!)

The transformation of the area that the building is in is incredible. Here is the difference between the non-updated walkway and the updated walkway.

Bright’n Green is located in such a great neighborhood that I basically never knew existed, Brighton Beach, where you can have your pick of literally any unpackaged Russian pastry you would like, or walk five minutes to the beach and have a beer, pieroges, and some Russian olivier salad while staring at the shore ((totally corny, but exactly what I did)).

They are still offering tours, which I highly recommend! Definitely check it out. You never know, you might end up finding the next place that you call home!

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BRIGHT’N GREEN: TIFT Takes a Field Trip. – Trash is For Tossers May 2014

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