The Bright ‘n Green Brighton Beach Mural Project

11 Oct 2013, Posted by admin0 in Blog


Public art entertains, uplifts and inspires a community. It goes beyond the creative expression of the artist and helps cultivate and nurture creativity at large. Our goal as a neighbor in Brighton Beach, and to Brooklynites en masse is to support and help further all that which makes New York City unlike any other. Bright ‘n Green in itself will house murals, instillations and more by local artists, but to go even further and to share our desire to beautify urban living we are commissioning a mural for the neighborhood and we want you to help!


The project logistics are still in the incubator but the creative juices are already flowing! We’d like to open up submissions for the mural to the public, we can’t wait to see all the great concepts that will come in. The inspiration is beautiful and diverse Brighton Beach, stylistically we are thinking the mural should harken the murals at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island. Here’s some shots to get you thinking ….



If you are interested in having your work considered for the mural please email us more about yourself and past work examples at info@brightngreen.com or comment below with links. Once we narrow it down to a few designs we will be sharing the finalists for a public vote. Follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for your chance to vote!

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