Bright ‘n Green Wins NYC Brownfield Partnership 2013 Green Building Award

Bright ‘n Green Wins NYC Brownfield Partnership 2013 Green Building Award

29 Aug 2013, Posted by admin0 in Awards & Certifications, Blog


The Bright ‘n Green team was in attendance with over 200 others at the NYC Brownfield Partnership fifth annual, 2013 Big Apple Brownfield Awards recognizing seven outstanding New York City remediation projects. The ceremony was  held at the NYU School of Law and included developers, regulators, consultants, and attorneys.

The Partnership awarded its 2013 Distinguished Service Award to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in recognition of his work in supporting environmentally responsible development within economically diverse communities throughout the five boroughs. Speakers included Dr. Daniel Walsh, Director of the NYC Office of Environmental Remediation and David Freeman, President of the Partnership’s Board of Directors with Dr. Walsh also dedicating a sculpture to honor Abbey Duncan’s commitment to the arts, children and the environment, which will be installed at the Sugar Hill Children’s museum, part of a redevelopment project conducted under the NYC Voluntary Cleanup Program.

Bright ‘n Green took home the NYC Brownfield Partnership Green Building Award!


“This project, partially located on the site of a former racetrack in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn, was remediated under NYCOER’s Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP). The Track 1 cleanup enabled installation of an underground earth tube air pre-tempering system, which allows the fresh air entering the building to be conditioned by the uniform temperature of the subsurface. Additional features of this compact urban structure include a rainwater collection system, gray and black on-site water treatment, and the use of the Cupolex system to provide sub slab capping and depressurization and eliminate the need for backfill within the building envelope, thereby reducing the number of truck trips associated with the project. Bright ‘n Green has also received numerous awards and recognition including Net Zero Energy Status, possible LEED Platinum perfect score submission, Green Globes certification, EPA Water and Air Sense Recognition, Passive House Certification and NYSERDA Multifamily and Energy Star Rating.”

 NYC Brownfield Partnership


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