HAPPY ARBOR DAY! – “Why do trees matter to you?” from The Nature Conservancy

24 Apr 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

Today is Arbor Day. It’s a holiday that inspires each one of us to stop and think about the many ways trees enrich our lives.

Trees do practical things like keep our air clean and provide shade from the hot summer sun. They’re a safe haven for amazing animals, and they also make our homes and neighborhoods more beautiful.


They provide clean air!

Trees help clean our air. They’re nature’s filters! Just by growing, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen back in to the atmosphere.

They provide natural beauty!

Trees make our communities beautiful. From the first green leaves of spring to their spectacular show of autumnal hues, trees delight us throughout the year.

They support wildlife!

Trees provide homes for wildlife. Forests are alive with activity! From orangutans to woodpeckers to black bears, creatures big and small rely on trees to thrive.

They connect us with nature!

Trees are a place to play. Whether it’s hiking among mighty redwoods or climbing an old oak tree in your backyard, trees help us connect with nature.

All of the above

Thanks for sharing and for taking a moment to celebrate the many ways trees inspire you! Happy Arbor Day!

PHOTOS: The Nature Conservancy’s Cranesville Swamp Preserve in northern West Virginia © Kent Mason. Olivillo (Aextoxicon punctatum) forest in the Valdivian Coastal Reserve, Chile © Nick Hall/TNC. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois © Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr/Creative Commons. Two Mexican Spotted Owls © Scott Trageser. Family at Lulu Lake Preserve, Wisconsin © Zane Williams.

via The Nature Conservancy
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