We’ve Made the Papers! 10 Top Articles on Bright ‘n Green

We’ve Made the Papers! 10 Top Articles on Bright ‘n Green

20 Aug 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

People are talking! It means a lot to us to know our project is making an impact beyond its airtight SIP panels. Here’s ten of the top news features on Bright ‘n Green …

  1. Bright’n Green Net-Zero Building Unveiled in Brooklyn

    Jetson GreenDec 6, 2014
    According to Robert Scarano, the architect who designed the Bright ‘n Green project, as it is called, did not suffer major damage, and the …
  2. The Real Deal Magazine 
    Scarano’s latest project is set to open this April in Brighton Beach with the name Bright ‘n Green, according to Curbed. The six-unit condo …
  3. Bright ‘n Green mixed-use project implements multifaceted clean air

    New York Real Estate Journal Online
    Brooklyn, NY Beyond Bright ‘n Green’s net zero energy saving design and other progressive features, such as water and waste recycling …
  4. Net-zero building unveiled in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach neighborhood

    Architect Robert Scarano said the building project, called Bright ‘N Green, was under construction when the storm hit, but didn’t suffer serious …
  5. Excrement-Eating Worms Star at New ‘Green’ Brooklyn …

    Architect Robert Scarano is known for a few things, like his rather industrial style and, well, other things, but creating incredibly eco-friendly …

  6. Net-Zero Building Opens In Brooklyn

    Green Building Elements
    … in the Brighton Beach section of Brooklyn announced the opening of a new net-zero building called Bright ‘N Green in the neighborhood.
  7. Brighton’s Bright N’ Green Condo Almost Completed …

    Sheepshead Bites
    The ‘Bright NGreen‘ environmental building project being constructed at 67 Brighton First Lane is nearly complete, according to a report by ….
  8. Photo by Elizabeth Graham

    Brooklyn Daily
    Scarano built Bright ‘n’ Green, which has two duplexes, two apartments and a ground-floor commercial space, to gain experience with and also …
  9. Green Beat:Net Zero Energy

    Multi-Housing News
    Bright n’ Green in Brooklyn, a net zero energy property being developed by Robert Scarano, uses wind turbines and solar panels to generate …
  10. Robert Scarano is back with an environmentally

    New York Daily News
    Front and center is Bright ‘n Green, Scarano’s slogan-named apartment building at 67 Brighton 1st Lane that he says …


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