BRIGHT N GREEN | The Bright ‘n Green Questionnaire
Net Zero Living in Brooklyn. Highly eco-friendly multi-use includes six studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments.
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The Bright ‘n Green Questionnaire

Your critiques, comments and thoughts on the Bright ‘n Green project are very important to us. Please feel free to share as much as you’d like on this questionnaire. Seeing that we are reaching such a broad range of individuals from all fields is telling us we just might be on to something here. Our goal is that Bright ‘n Green – our pilot project in high sustainable, self-sufficient architectural design – will serve as a model for new construction everywhere.

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Can we quote you in public sharing of our findings? *

We plan to hold more tours, throw parties, and create community events, can we let you know when we do?

More About You

Please tell us more about how you became involved in the world of sustainable design:

How did you find our project?

How would you rate the focus on sustainable construction, resource efficient infrastructure development, alternative energy sources, etc. in NYC in relation to other major cities? Are there cities where you consider the emphasis on clean building more prevalent and why or why not?

On a scale of 1-10, ten being most important, how would you rate the interest in conscious residential design in regards to apt hunting amongst your friends/peers/contemporaries in NYC? How important is it to you? Feel free to elaborate.

On the same scale how do you rate Bright n’ Green’s location in desirability for yourself and amongst your peers? As you may recall from the tour, the aspect that the neighborhood is a long established community containing components considered most desirable in considerate urban planning (such as, the close proximity to public transportation and natural areas) were factors in our site selection. With rapid growth and continued waves of rejuvenation in Brooklyn – we hope that forward thinkers who appreciate our green design would also be of a pioneering spirit with the foresight to recognize the next "it" neighborhoods. Please feel free to share your take.

What current environmental concerns are most on your radar?
Eg, clean water, fracking, climate change, and so on.

The Building

How are you now and/or intend in the future to be a part of the green building revolution?

What sustainable design/system features stood out to you most?

Were there any that raised a concern with you?

Is there anything specifically you would like to learn more about?

In regards to interior design, how do you feel about the layout of the flats? The building itself? Community areas? Any further comments on ease of occupant usage of the spaces?

Any other concerns, dislikes and/or complements related to the design and function?

If you were an occupant how driven do you think you would be to live in accordance to our net zero energy usage goals?

Knowing the staircase is yet to be finished, how would you rate it for ease of use? Any wayfinding concerns? How often would you use it if you were an occupant? Say if you lived on the third floor?

Anything else you'd like to add?


Tour Attended:
Your Critique:
Anything you particularly liked? Thought was missing?

Do you have an event/engagement you suggest Bright 'n Green to participate in?

One More Thing ...

A hot tub?! C'mon, am I right?! Forgettaboutit!

Thank you for your feedback, the great responses we’ve been receiving to the Bright 'n Green project have been inspiring. People like you are the driving force we need to improve the quality of life for everyone, everywhere, now and in the future. At Bright ‘n Green we hope to represent a true paradigm shift in the way new residential buildings will be constructed. Spreading awareness of net zero impact living is a pillar of our initiative. Your time is appreciated.