Earth Hour 2015 Highlights

30 Mar 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

From icy Antarctica to the International Space Station, WWF's Earth Hour swept around the globe on Saturday 28 March 2015 (8:30 p.m. local time). Millions of Earth Hour supporters worldwide joined forces to highlight the need for climate action. Revisit the highlights and energy the...

So This Climate Walks Into a Bar – Chip Giller of Grist

23 Mar 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

Chip Giller of Grist wants us to get serious. Tracing his own experiences trying to raise awareness about climate change and environmental damage, he realized that people weren't responding to urgent, strident messages about impending doom. In this talk, he shares his wisdom and...

More on Bright ‘n Green’s Indoor Air Quality

20 Mar 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

One of Bright ‘n Green’s most significant features is the fresh air purification and distribution system. These innovations combined with Bright 'n Green being constructed & finished with all non-toxic material and the site remediated of all contaminants give residents the highest indoor quality air...

Resident Danyelle Vilmenay on Bright ‘n Green

29 Jan 2015, Posted by admin0 in Blog

One of our favorite, and probably most famous resident, Model/DJ/Activist Danyelle Vilmenay (if you are wondering where she looks familiar from, think Project Runway) talks about her experience living at Bright ‘n Green....